Kidnapper Snatches Baby And Runs, But What His Siblings Do Next? These Kids Are HEROES

Kidnapping is on the rise in our country. It used to be a problem in developing countries, not anymore. Unlike in other countries, kidnappings here usually target small children or babies. Parents are now having to monitor where their children are all the time. Parks are one of the most usual places for kids to get snatched.

The scene is usually the same one. Kids are playing and their parents are somewhat close by. The parents are doing something on their phone like texting. Someone gets near their kids and offers them something like to show them a new toy or give them something. A couple of minutes later, the stranger disappears and is nowhere to be found.

Sometimes there is not even an adult present with the kids. It is only the kids at the playground playing. These scenarios are much better ones for the kidnapper. He only snatches the child and he’s gone before anyone can notice. It was then that Siblings Delicia, 8, and Brenden, 10, were playing with their 22-month-old baby brother Owen. They were at a park near their babysitter’s house. The day was going about as usual when the unexpected happened.

A teenaged boy is wandering around the area looking for someone to kidnap. He has seen other children, but there is something about this group of kids that get his attention. They are very young kids and no parents are around. The kidnapper gets closer to the kids to get a better look and confirm he can snatch the kid. After a couple of minutes, he confirms that the coast is clear. He then goes and snatches baby boy Owen. His siblings were there, but the kidnapper makes a run for it. The children will not be able to keep up with him because he is 15-years-old and much faster than them.

Security cameras nearby captured the scene. The 15-year-old kidnapper is running down the road with Owen What he was not counting on was that the baby’s siblings would start chasing him. What he didn’t expect, though, was for the toddler’s siblings to give chase. Delicia takes off after the kidnapper, screaming her lungs out and running as fast as she can. “This little girl comes running around the corner screaming her head off,” said Dorothy Giddings, who was there when the kidnapping happened.

A couple of teenaged boys were nearby and hear Delicia screaming. They immediately start chasing the kidnapper, too. Now, the kidnapper has two screaming children after him and two teenage boys. What will he do?