“Find Out What Happens When Kids are Asked That Age Old Question. HILARIOUS!”

It’s a question that parents inevitably have to answer, when a kid gets to a certain age. Especially those kids who have a new born sibling. Where do babies come from?

So, what happens when the kids have the tables turned on them and are asked this question by adults? This video shows some of the reactions along with answers.

These kids find themselves in the hot seat that they have been known to put their parents in. They are asked about where babies come from. Some react by laughing, and unable to come up with an answer. While others have some clever answers such as babies come from trees!

Yes, this is a question that parents eventually find themselves having to answer and if a child is still of a tender age its not the easiest of answers to come up with. But odds are the answer they do come up with won’t be coming from trees! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZ0ieqWHArU Kids are kids and they can say things that can be funny but also show how innocent they are when it comes to life in general including that age old question about where babies come from.

So, if you want to hear some creative answers on this question watch this video then leave your comments below about what you thought about it.