Kids Choir & Tom Ball Put Emotional Spin on Queen’s 1986 Hit

Kids Choir & Tom Ball

Fantastic singer Tom Ball performs again on ‘AGT: All-Stars 2023.’ This performance pairs Tom with the ‘Voices of Hope’ Children’s Choir in a beautiful rendition of Queen’s ‘Who Wants to Live Forever.’

Kids Choir & Tom Ball

Tom stands on a blue stage with sparkly white lights hanging down and shining on him. He wears a blue suit and sings with a solid and full voice while two risers of shadowed figures stand behind him.

In the powerful second verse, the children’s choir behind him is lit up, and they sing with Tom. They are all children of different ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities wearing white shirts.

Simon Cowell gives Tom a smile of approval when he holds out a long note halfway through the song. Tom ends on a dramatic high note, and he gets a standing ovation from everyone, and Simon says, “That was fantastic.”

Terry Crews comes out and asks Tom how performing with the 50-voice choir felt, and Tom says, “Absolutely phenomenal. They are fantastic.” The performance brought thunderous applause from the audience.

Tom Ball

Tom Ball is from West Sussex, and he came to fame after competing in season 15 of ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ He was formerly a secondary school teacher before rising to stardom.

His first-ever performance on ‘BGT’ saw him receive a minute-long standing ovation for his powerful singing. Since then, he’s delivered incredible performances, including this all-star performance on ‘AGT.’

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Kids Choir & Tom Ball Put Emotional Spin on Queen\'s 1986 Hit