Kids These Days! Dad Has Enough of Sons Texting During Dinner, Teaches Them a Lesson

It used to be that every day at dinnertime, families would gather around the table. While they shared a meal, they’d talk, whether about family matters, local goings-on, politics, or just life in general. Whatever little dramas sometimes happened, parents and their kids got to know each other pretty well. Dinner was a bonding experience. Occasionally the phone would ring, but no biggie. “I’m sorry, we’re eating dinner right now…”

But along came high technology. The first call made from a handheld cell phone was made back in 1973. Ten years later, the first commercial cell phone network in the United States was up and running. That phone was the size of a book and all it did was make phone calls. Flash forward to the twenty-first century and the cell phone has become an electronic Swiss Army Knife: it does a bit of everything and fits in your pocket. Not only can you yack on the phone, but you can send text messages, surf the web, take photos or video, you name it. In short, the cell phone has become a great way to connect with people. (Not to mention that calculator our teachers used to say we couldn’t carry around with us!)


But ironically, the cell phone is also a great way to become isolated from other people. More and more, everyone is glued to a tiny screen pecking and swiping, swiping and pecking. The video posted below is a hilarious take on this unfortunate new social phenomenon.

In this short movie, mom, dad, and their two sons are sitting at the table eating dinner. Before you can say, “Pass the salt!” both sons have their cell phones out. They might as well not even be there! Ah, but dad has a brilliant idea and teaches them a hilarious lesson.

Kids These Days! Dad Has Enough of Sons Texting During Dinner, Teaches Them a Lesson