Kids Find Out How Babies Are Made For The First Time. Their Reaction? This Is Priceless!

In this video directed by, parents are made to talk to their kids about the birds and the bees for the first time. Now, if you are a teenager, it would probably make you feel stupid and gross to hear your parents talk about it so openly. But the way in which these little kids behave is really cute.

You can actually sense that the parents are feeling nervous and experiencing embarrassment while explaining it to their kids. Some of these reactions, from both the parents and the kids, are really hilarious. You need to watch this!

One little kid says humans are made of water, and he’s actually right. But that doesn’t explain where they come from. Another little girl says God puts the baby in mom’s tummy. But the next kid is hilarious. He’s sitting with his father and says, “Sperm. Egg. Collide.” His father is shocked! He asks where the little boy learned that and he said his brother taught him.

But it gets even better! Dad looks worried and says, “What did he tell you?” The kid replies, “Bad stuff!” LOL! It’s so cute. And the other kid’s responses get even cuter. When one little girl is asked where her aunt’s baby came out, she said, “Out of her butt.” Her parents get a big kick out of this! You have to watch this. It is going to make your day.

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