These Kids Are Helping These Pups Get Adopted! Through This Amazing Program!

Abused dogs are understandably nervous. Most of the time, they’ve had to overcome harsh living conditions all their life. Once they are brought to shelters, they receive love and care and finally go on their way to get their forever home.

There is just one problem, shelter pups tend to be shy, especially around humans. After all, it was humans who got them there in the first place! While shelters try their best to nurture and care for shelter dogs, it’s a very difficult battle. On one hand, they want to show these shy pups love and care, so that they can one day trust an owner again. On the other hand, potential adopters overlook shelter dogs because they would rather take home a more friendly and happy dog.

In order to end the stigma associated to shelter pups the Human Society of Missouri created a program called Shelter Budding Reading Program. There, children ages 6 to 15 learn how to read a shelter dog’s body language and react accordingly. Whenever a shelter dog feels stressed or frightened, a shelter child sits down and reads aloud to the dog in order to provide comfort.

This program is a win on all accounts, since it also allows children to develop and hone their reading skills in a judgement-free environment!

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