These Kids Were Hiding Under The Pool. But When The Dog Joins Them? He’s ADORABLE!

There’s no denying that dogs are one of the best gifts we could ever wish for, as humans. If you’ve ever lived with a dog, you must know exactly what I’m talking about. And even if you haven’t, when you watch the video below, you’ll understand why dogs are one of the most beloved pets ever. The clip shows a beautiful moment that a family shared with their Black Labrador pup. Your heart will melt when you see this cheerful and happy family moment with man’s best friend!

The family children were outside, playing and having fun, and while playing hide and seek they decided to stay under the inflatable pool. And seconds after that, the lab sees them and decides to join in the fun. What happens next will cheer up your entire week! You can tell how much he loves that spot, and playing with his human friends in general. Isn’t it nice to watch joyful moments like this one? You can’t put a price on happiness!

Don’t miss this video, it’s embedded right below. What did you think about it? It makes me wish I had a dog like that one myself! Leave us a comment with your thoughts, and share the video if you liked it.

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