Kids Impress With Acapella Medley Of Kelly Clarkson’s Greatest Hits

The Kelly Clarkson Show played host to a sensational acapella special. With the help of Pentatonix’s phenomenally talented Scott Hoying in the studio, Kelly introduces the Acapop! KIDS for their very first appearance on television. With professionalism, practiced perfection, and sheer talent, these kids take the stage by storm with a must-see acapella performance for the records.

The nine Acapop! KIDS are each talented singers in their own right, but together they create an otherworldly unison. With perfect harmony, these kids impressed Kelly and the in-studio audience with a series of the host’s very own hits. The mashup is both a wonderful tribute to a legendary voice and a showcase of what these kids can pull off even under the pressure of television.

This acapella medley of Kelly Clarkson’s greatest hits takes you through a time warp glimpsing at the journey of one of the world’s greatest singers. No one was expecting the sensational vocal performance of these kids, delivering vocals that are astoundingly similar in quality to the talent exhibited by the in-studio guest Scott Hoying’s group Pentatonix.

Kids Impress With Acapella Medley Of Kelly Clarkson\'s Greatest Hits