Kids react hilariously to grandparents’ favorite childhood foods

Kid with her grandfather

The bond between a grandparent and their grandchild can be very special. Many grandparents find they can relax and enjoy their grandchildren in a way they couldn’t enjoy their own children in the past.

Kid with her grandfather

In this video, grandparents share their favorite childhood foods with their grandchildren. They get to share stories of their childhood and explain what’s special about their chosen dish.

The first family is Clara and her grandfather Ernie. Ernie shares a dish his mother often made for Sunday dinner: hamburger pie. Due to the name, Clara thought it might be a dessert, but Ernie tells her that his family didn’t often get dessert. Clara enjoys the meal, and Ernie offers to teach her how to make it next week.

Kid with her grandmother

GG is here with her grandmother Linda. Linda brings the ultimate comfort dish: chicken and dumplings. Linda shares how she found the recipe as a little girl, but her mother didn’t want to make it until Linda’s father was out of town because he never wanted to have his food “mixed together.” GG loves the dish but tries to pick out all of the chicken pieces–she’s not too fond of the dumpling part.

Finally, Cavalli is hanging out with his grandpop Preston. Preston is going to make his favorite childhood meal at the table. He calls it his brunch-aloney sandwich. It’s what he’d make himself eat after breakfast before he spent the day outside with friends. Preston taught his grandson to put Lays potato chips in his sandwich and smush it down to break up the crunch.

Kid with his grandfather

While sharing their favorite dishes, the grandparents pass on their heritage and history to their grandchildren. All three grandchildren enjoy hearing stories about their grandparents’ childhoods.

Many people share stories over a meal. Sharing childhood memories with food from the past is a special and heartwarming way for grandparents to bond with their grandkids.

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Kids react hilariously to grandparents’ favorite childhood foods