Kids with special needs change the lyrics to “Hallelujah” and bring an entire audience to their feet.

Autism has forever been shrouded in mystery. It was not until very recently that it became an object of study. What happens when a child is diagnosed with both autism and ADHD? Parents see themselves facing something they have no information of. Both are treatable conditions that can be improved with surprisingly superior results, although it doesn’t happen in all the cases.

Autism study, initially started with groups of parents coming together to try to get grants or government organizations to help them. Originally, there were no real case studies of them, and very few people wanted to venture in that direction. A couple of famous psychologists made great strides in treatment options and came up with an entire system which treating doctors still use to this day.

What happens with an autistic child is that he lives inside his own thoughts. Today, it’s diagnosable, but it wasn’t always like this. Parents back then thought that the child was just being defiant or disobedient and would even punish him or her sometimes. After the conditions got a name, it was known that the child did not always have a developmental problem, but a communication one.

Children were not capable of communicating with their parents or handling stress as you and I would. They would go into tantrums leaving their parents clueless as to what to do. A treatment process had to be put in place that would differ from patient to patient. One of the most key areas in which treatment focuses on besides communication is independence.

All children with autism and ADHD will grow up to become adults with these same conditions. It is crucial that they not only become aware of this, but that steps are taken to help them interact with a world that is not always that understanding. At times, there are certain methods that have proven to be therapeutic for children with these conditions. One of them is music.

For a girl in the following video, music has not only become therapeutic but a form of expression. When you listen to her sing, you will forget she was even diagnosed with autism and ADHD from a very early age. She is performing with the Killard House School choir. And she puts on a performance that has her receiving standing ovations wherever they perform. They decide to change the lyrics for the song “Hallelujah,” and the result is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever listened to. Get ready to be impressed!