Kids take 5-day-old puppies from the street – but they’d left something very important behind!

Stray dogs of all shapes and sizes are often found on our streets trying to fend for themselves. Many have been tragically abused and abandoned, cast out from their homes when they’re not wanted anymore, a family can no longer afford their upkeep, or a child gets bored of their new “present.” Street dogs need just as much love and care as any other animal – but thankfully, there are people out there who do just that.

Hope for Paws is one such organisation that has been getting a lot of news coverage lately for their daring rescues of street animals – and their unconditional love, care and attention in finding them new, forever homes. This fearless team go in where others fear to tread, often putting themselves in harm’s way when encountering a particularly hostile or defensive animal – as was the case here.

Local kids had discovered a litter of tiny puppies not much older than 5 days, and they “rescued” the brood, taking them home and attempting to feed them milk from baby bottles. Credit to the children through, they realised something was up and contacted the rescue team – who knew instantly that even with the best will in the world, the kids had left the puppy’s mother behind!

Mom was out looking for food for her litter and she must have been distraught when she returned back to her rough home to find them all missing! What a heart-breaking moment for her. Luckily the kids did the right thing and returned the pups to where they found them, and Hope for Paws went looking for the mother so she could be reunited with her loved ones. They could only hope that she had not left the area to search elsewhere.

Thankfully, the mother had returned and found her pups but was understandably defensive and aggressive towards her would-be rescuers when the Hope for Paws team arrived on the scene. Apparently, she’s had her litter removed once before, and she’s not prepared to have it happen again!

Watch this amazing and tear-jerking video as the team manage to bring mom and pups to safety, finally get them fed and cleaned up – and ready for adoption into a loving, forever home. Be warned though – you’ll need to keep the tissues handy for this one! Don’t forget to visit Hope for Paws too and learn about their amazing work rescuing street animals in the Los Angeles area. They need all the help they can get!