17 mirthful moments when kids took adults too literally

As we were saying, in Part 1 of this merry and mirthful article, trying to get a child to do something can be a challenge because their little noggins are so darn imaginative.

Indeed, when you ask a little one to do something, you truly never know what you’re going to get.  They can come up with some very creative ways of following instructions. Take for instance…

“Put these in the bathroom please”

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This mom was hoping for a little more help when she said, “Put these in the bathroom.” (I think a lot of wives can relate, too.)

“Hint: It’s not Greenland”

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OK, so WHO owns Greenland? Call me Curious George, but I had to Google for the answer. It’s Denmark. Yes. Denmark owns Greenland. You learn something new every day. You can wiki it here.)

“Get ready for an adventure story”

Granda and GrandsonWhen Grandpa told him to get ready for a bedtime story adventure”, so he grabbed a warm hat and a flashlight. That’s officer thinking right there. Boy Scout material.

“Write letters to Santa”

Letter to Santa
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The teacher told everyone in the class to “write letters to Santa Claus”. This youngster is did a perfect job, not just once, but TWICE. Bravo! A+ (He definitely deserves that train set, Santa. The DELUXE model, too. Don’t forget the batteries. P.S. No socks this year please.)

“Put the toilet paper under the sink”

I asked my 6 year old to put the extra roll of toilet paper under the sink
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If you’re 4 years old and your mom tells you to, “Put an extra roll of toilet paper under the sink”, she has a good reason, no matter how crazy it sounds.

“How do you know?”

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via Reddit

You know a lot of kids are visual thinkers. They think in pictures instead of hearing words/dialog. So when you ask a visual thinking 5-year-old to do a math problem and ask, “How do you know? Show your thinking”, that’s what happens.

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