10+ kids who took instructions too literally

As we were saying, in Part 2 of this precious post: For children, concepts like “literally” and “figuratively” can be really hard to understand. When you a five-year-old to do something, they will do it and sometimes quite literally.

In our last series of photos, you can see some of the challenges that adults have when getting kids to do something. It’s not as easy as you might think.

“Look up puppy training videos on YouTube”

Puppy Training Videos
via Reddit

Dogs are good for you. They teach responsibility and compassion. So when you get a new puppy and mom suggests suggests for you to “look up puppy training videos on YouTube” she means for YOU, rather than for the puppy. But who knows. It might work. Good luck, kid. P.S. Your puppy is adorable.

“Picture yourself when you’re 100”

Kid's drawing
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5-year-old Warren was asked to, “Draw a picture of what you will look like in 100 years.” I’m not sure what to think. Maybe he needs a little pep talk. Here’s to beating the odds, Warren.

“Find the difference between two numbers”

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This one always stumped me at first. Why don’t they just say “what is 8 minus 6″ in the first place? Come on. It’s math, not a beauty pageant. Who cares what the numbers look like? Sheesh. So superficial!

“You’re grounded”

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This young man above was caught misbehaving, so his mom told him he was grounded. Of course, she is beginning to realize she has a future lawyer in the making. Best to be good to him.

“Draw hands on these clocks”

via Reddit

A lot of schools are going digital and doing away with “old fashioned” clocks like we had in school. I’m glad to see this teacher (above) knows the importance of teaching kids the old way and the new way. When she told everyone in the class to “draw hands on these clocks” this artistic youngster was more than happy to oblige. Excellent composition!Another Picasso!

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