“Kids of All Races Stand Up to Race and Fight Stereotypes! So Proud!”

The world has always been plagued by stereotypes and discrimination. Racism has lead to enslavement in a number of countries, hate crimes, and communities to be torn apart. Finally people of all races are taking a stand and saying ‘no’ to racism, and ‘yes’ to love! This video shows the next generation of America confronting race, and we could not be prouder!

The children in the video are only 12 years old, and they each talk about when racism has affected them. One little boy talks about how uncomfortable he is just walking down the street, knowing that police officers are watching him. This video is the heartbreaking truth about race and the people that it affects. From comments made in the cafeteria at school to being side-eyed at the mall, these kids have experienced race in extreme and subtle forms.

It is amazing to see so many young children speaking up for themselves, their family, and their culture! We are so proud to see this change in children so young. Hopefully talking about race will lead to a more peaceful and loving world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6xSyRJqIe8  

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