Killer Kids Drown Puppy In Glue. Cruel Children Leave Puppy Pascal Left For Dead. OMG!

Beautiful, friendly Pascal has had the most awful experience. Some really cruel children got hold of him, and poured a bottle of glue all over him – just for FUN! After 2 weeks, Pascal is still fighting for his life, but his appetite is slowly coming back.
When he arrived in a cardboard box, the poor little guy was almost a solid statue as the glue caused his whole body to go stiff with rigor mortis. It is unbelievable that a human being can do this to a helpless animal.
If you watch the video, your heart will break – how can anyone harm this sweet little baby? What a horrendous act of violence for children to be involved in.
At He’Art of Rescue, Pascal looked half dead. And, horror of horrors, on top of the glue, the poor little guy was dragged through MUD!
Pascal was found outside an Industrial estate in Istanbul, Turkey. Unfortunately, he has lost one of his ears which became necrotic after being starved of blood because of the weight of the glue. And he was found to be suffering from Parvo which caused severe diarrhea and dehydration. Amazingly, he beat it and has fully recovered from the virus.
Perky Pascal has recovered enough to make friends with another puppy – a beautiful Husky. He pushes the limits, but is soon put in his place by the placid husky.
He has responded very well to all love and care and he has lost his nervousness around humans. Nur Rima Yola, the founder of He’Art of Rescue has said that Pascal was very miserable, very scared and totally traumatized when he was first brought to them. “He was also very conscious of the fact that he did not look good as he used to turn his back to people, however, now he is happy and playful just like any normal puppy.”
Yola’s shelter, He’Art of Rescue has been successfully rescuing dogs and cats for a long time. He appeals for any donations and good homes for the pets they rehabilitate.

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