This Kind Man Extends Out His Hand To A Broken Dog — This Reaction Will Break Your Heart…

It’s not always easy to know the circumstances that led to homeless dogs being brought to the Vet Ranch to be treated. Some of the dogs have been abandoned by families, others have been horribly abused and suffered from serious neglect, and still more have run away from home and suffered from being destitute.

No matter the affliction, Vet Ranch takes these dogs in and treats them, rehabilitates them, and cares for them for as long as it takes for them to be paired to a loving home. The extraordinary team at Vet Ranch works very hard to get these dogs the love and care that they need.

This poor pup was brought into vet branch with a deep wound on his neck. Dr Matt and his team did everything they could to build trust with the dog, healing him and building some basic trust. Some of the footage in this video is very graphic in nature, so prepare yourself before watching this video.

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