Kind man helps a little baby ‘miracle’ goat survive

Woodside Goat Farm, located in Woodside, Oregon, was run by Pete and Sam. They took care of their Nigerian Dwarf goats and their little ones. The farm ensured that the little ones found themselves a forever home. If this was not possible, they kept the babies with them at their farm.

The farm had 60 to 70 female goats and a few males. Recently, one of their goats, Dizzy, gave birth to little goat kids. Out of all the 3 babies, Littlefoot was the tiniest of the lot.

Pete and Sam were not sure if the tiny baby goat would be able to survive through the first day. The little one had his head up and kept his eyes open, but the caregivers were skeptical about his survival.

The kind men brought the baby boy inside their home and placed him on a customized bed, specially meant for him. Then, the caregivers dried the goat kid with a blower and kept him warm.

They did so because they wanted to help Littlefoot maintain a body temperature of around 101.5 so that the little one could digest the milk. Soon they brought him back to his mother. The tiny boy latched on to his mother, and she nursed him.

The first time they measured his weight, it was 14.4 ounces. He survived the 1st day and pooped, peed, and had his hot milk. Littlefoot was very fragile, so the caregivers kept a close eye on him. Finally, he was able to walk and move around. On the 3rd day, when they measured his weight, the little one weighed 15 ounces.

The kind man fed the goat baby with a syringe. The tiny goat enjoyed his human’s company. By the 5th day, the little one could nurse without any help from the caregivers. However, they still kept a close eye on him. Pete and Sam were happy that they could help the little goat kid thrive and live a happy life at the farm.

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