Kindergarten dance recital is pure goodness

These tiny dancers are doing their best to get the steps to this penguin routine just right.

Together, these tiny dancers pull off the perfect penguin-themed dance routine. That doesn’t mean the steps are perfect, or that the choreography is polished. We just can’t get enough of this adorable, pitch-perfect chaos.

They waddle out on stage as the music starts, a jaunty tune that perfectly matches their tempo. The dancers all take their place on stage as the song starts in earnest, educating the audience on all the intricacies of penguin life.

The tiny penguins twirl and wobble on their respective marks, watching each other to make sure that they’re doing the right steps. Their top hats and sequined tails are the perfect matches to their little tuxedo leotards and fancy tap-dancing shoes.

As the song progresses, all of the dancers come together to twirl around in a circle, which prompts a few of them to lose their top hats. As they scramble to cover this error, the music goes on. Ellen, the dancer whose parents are recording this recital, remains professional throughout.

Finally, when the dance is over, we are treated to a shot of the dancers during the recital awards. In true child fashion, Ellen can’t sit still, hanging over the stage even as the instructor has to rescue her. These little girls are so spirited!

Kindergarten dance recital is pure goodness