Kindhearted Woman Restores Hope for Unlucky Duck

This is a story about a rescued duck, Cleopatra, and her rescuer, Annette Calarco, who decided to give this little creature another chance at life. Annette has saved two ducks; one is Cleopatra & the other is Henrietta. The family lives in Australia. Cleopatra can’t walk much due to health problems, so Annette takes her to the pond daily with Henrietta walking next to her.

Then the two of them spend hours playing in the pond while Annette monitors her two pet ducks from the balcony. Finally, when the two of them are ready to come home, they start to quack in a particular manner, and that is Annette’s cue to bring them home. She walks down to the pond and picks Cleopatra up while Henrietta follows.

Cleopatra came into Annette’s life almost a year ago. The adorable duck had followed Annette’s dad’s friend home from a lake. So, he asked the kind woman if she could take the duck under her care.

Annette knew nothing about ducks, and Cleopatra suffered from anxiety. So she felt distraught when her mom left her alone. After a few months, Annette decided to find her a friend. So she adopted Henrietta, who was also dumped like Cleopatra.

She introduced both the ducks, and they instantly became best friends. They did everything together. Even if Henrietta sometimes disagrees with her friend, she always follows her. Cleopatra is really the boss and is not so fond of cats. She always pecks at them when they are nearby.

Annette’s partner recently built a house for the two ducks, and since then, they have been happily sitting on the eggs. The owner mentioned that the eggs would not hatch since the ducks do not have a mate yet. Nonetheless, the ducks are unaware of this fact and are still enjoying their time at the pond. She has ensured their safety from predators by taking necessary precautions.

Cleopatra can walk now, but she still needs to stay off her feet as much as possible due to her health issues. Eventually, she may require a wheelchair. Annette is worried that the area where they live is sloped, so she might have to build a flat space for Cleopatra. However, she is fully committed to taking care of these two lovely rescued ducks long-term.

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Kindhearted Woman Restores Hope for Unlucky Duck