Everyone In The Stadium Expected A Big Smooch On The Kiss Cam, But The Completely UNEXPECTED Happened

Football Stadium“Kiss cams” have been a phenomenon of sports culture for years. They zero in on the crowd and single out a couple, who, seeing themselves on the big screen, are compelled to share a kiss. It can be quite romantic and the crowd goes wild.

However,  as you’re about to see, the infamous kiss cam became part of something bigger, and the crowd cheered and applauded as you’re about to see.

Football StadiumThe kiss cam swept across the stadium inducing kisses from every quarter. There were couples of mixed race, some elderly pairs, two women, two boys who looked like brothers who hugged each other, and couples clearly of different religions.

The video was filmed as an ad created by the National Football League, called “Fans of Love”. It was designed to recognize that there are all different kinds of sports fans and to celebrate that love has no boundaries. Their message is that love has no religion, no gender, no disability, no race. Love is about who you are and not what you are.

It is an incredible, important message and it is wonderful that they have finally got it! It is efforts like this that blow away traditional stereotypes. It has opened the way for sports players, and sports fans, to be fine role models to the next generation regardless of their background or origins.

If your heart was touched by the beauty of this video, help spread the word and share their important message with your friends and loved ones.