The Kitchen Will Never Be The Same: Granny Gets Down With The Best Dance Moves Ever

Music can make almost anything more enjoyable. Even the most mundane activities can be brightened up with some music: a car trip, housecleaning, taking a shower, doing the shopping, or just sitting around the house. It can be great for your mental health and if it gets you up and moving around, it can do wonders for your physical health, too. Music can remind us of evenings slow-dancing with a special someone. It can also bring back memories of fun with family and friends, maybe even spontaneous dance parties.

Some music certainly gave one family an instant memory to cherish. A grandma known as “Mama C” was in the kitchen cooking up a meal we’re sure was scrumptious when her favorite song came on. Unlikely though it might seem, she loves Vanilla Ice’s hit song “Ice Ice Baby.” She started busting out the dance moves, sliding, twirling, and boogieing all over the kitchen. Far from interrupting her cooking, the music actually seemed to help. Stirring and seasoning flowed right along with the music! At one point she tried to get her grandson to join her, but he wanted nothing to do with the impromptu dance session and fell back onto the sofa. Perhaps he just doesn’t like Vanilla Ice. Or maybe he’s just camera shy. But not to worry. A little black dog had been watching Mama C the whole time. She picked up the dog and made a dance partner out of him.

We’ve posted video of this epic kitchen dance session below. It’s always nice to see that you’re really only as old as you feel. By that definition, Mama C is still just a kid and she’s having the time of her life!

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