Kitten abandoned by mom becomes service cat for big dog

Dog and kitten

Koda lived with Brooke and led a perfect pet dog life before she was hit by a car. Unfortunately, she was severely injured in the accident. Her owner was at work when she got a call about her pet dog being hit.


After the accident, she was a completely different dog. Brooke tried to help Koda walk with therapy. However, the poor dog did not want to do anything. She would barely eat and would not interact with any person or dog.

Eventually, the dog recovered to total health. However, the vet explained that one of her legs would be intact but paralyzed from nerve damage. Months passed, and while she was physically well, she was emotionally still shut down.


That was when Brooke thought of getting a tiny companion for Koda so that she did not get intimidated. When the owner saw the kitten Pickle’s picture at the Humane Society, she knew she wanted her to become Koda’s companion.

The poor kitten and his siblings were abandoned by his mother. So when Pickle met Koda, he was pretty comfortable meeting his new friend. However, Koda was not sure what to do with Pickle at first.

Dog and kitten

She was so confused with the tiny thing walking all over her. However, the kitten was definitely persistent in pursuing Koda’s affection. Suddenly, the pet dog started to play with the kitten. Pickle had latched onto the dog as a mom figure. Brooke thought that Koda had started seeing Pickle as her puppy.

Pickle helped Koda come out of her shell. Brooke thought the little one gave the dog something to focus on. So now, the beautiful dog follows the kitten all around the house. The owner believed that the two animals liked each other a lot. Brooke had started calling Pickle her service cat because she took care of her. The kitten had been a crutch and support through everything.

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Kitten abandoned by mom becomes service cat for big dog