Tiny orphaned kitten adopts giant Pitbull as his mom

Kitten and giant Pitbull

There’s nothing that can warm your heart quite like a baby kitten. More so, a kitten that has been rescued from the streets and given a second chance at life is even more heart-melting.


He was given a second chance at life for this cat, Violet. Rescued from a parking lot, Violet was in really rough shape as he was malnourished and filthy.

A woman took him home from the parking lot to find Violet and spent a few days nursing him back to health. After he had become stable, it was time to meet the rest of the family.

Kitten and giant Pitbull

And for the family Pitbull, Chapo, this was a joyful moment. Chapo has always had a soft spot for kittens and immediately started to take care of little Violet.

Violet and Chapo end up becoming unusual friends and provide each other comfort. Resting and playing gently with one another is a beautiful relationship between rescue cats and dogs.

Kitten and giant Pitbull

Even when Violet became slightly ill, Chapo was there to comfort him while letting him have her space. These two have pretty much become inseparable as lifelong best friends.

Violet has chosen Chapo to be his adopted mother, given a second chance at life. This unusual relationship reminds us that even though we are different, we can still be friends.

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