This Newborn Ragdoll Kitten Has Quite the Healthy Appetite

In nature, a mother’s favorite part of parenting is often the time they spend feeding their babies. And, just like human moms, sometimes mom in nature struggle with their milk.

We don’t have the history for this video, but this very tiny ragdoll kitten is being bottle-fed. There is a cat behind her, but again, we don’t know if this is the momma kitty. Perhaps the momma is having complications after birth and isn’t able to feed her baby.


Whatever the reason, this wee kitten is lucky to have a human grandparent around to organize a feeding. The kitten in our video looks maybe a day or two old. Thankfully, pet-grandma has a bottle of special milk supplement all prepared for this wee thing.

Watching this tiny kitten nurse from a bottle is very sweet. Her appetite is impressive for her size. She is so small she fits in the palm of a hand, but at the rate she is eating, she will be getting big, quickly.

Whether the momma isn’t lactating or isn’t able to feed her kitten for another reason, this pet-grandma looks well prepared to help out where she can. We have no doubt this kitten will grow into a healthy, adorable ragdoll cat.

This Newborn Ragdoll Kitten Has Quite the Healthy Appetite