Kitten Comes To Japanese Family’s House. I Couldn’t Have Predicted The Ensuing Parade…

What would you do if a kitten came to your door? I have two cats but I’d like to think that my wife and I could find space for one more kitten if the need arose. If there were more than that, I’d start thinking shelter. This family in Japan, though, LOVES cats and they have over 10 of them in their house. It’s a really interesting story about how they got that many, including the stars of the video we see.

It all started when Momo the kitten came to a Japanese family’s home. They raised her and then some neighbors knocked on their door and told them that her siblings had been found. It took some work, but all of them were brought in and one of them really bonded with Momo – a calico cat. The video shows them alternating between wrestling with each other and playing with each other.

Some people didn’t believe that both cats were from the same litter, since one was larger than the other. That’s true but one also had to spend time recovering from infections and a lack of eating, so growth would be stunted at the time. Let’s just focus on the fact that they are great playmates, that would be the best thing to do. I’m going to go back and look at them wrestle again. So adorable.

What’s funny is that at the end of the video, the resident cats comes over and starts licking both of them. It’s like she’s trying to wake them up. “Mooooom! We were sleeping!” I guess it must be near mealtime for them, since it’s not like the kittens have to go to school. It’s precious seeing them hang out and play with each other though. They adore each other and it’s good that they found each other.

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