It Is Hard to Feed a Kitten This Protective of Her Food. She Isn’t Letting Anyone Near It!

Food is something that we really don’t like to share, especially when it’s delicious and we’re hungry. So we kind of understand the stress that this tiny so-o-o starving and so-o-o mistreated kitty is going through.

Surely the humans can drop the food out a whole lot quicker and leave her alone to enjoy it? Well, that’s what the kitten thinks should happen anyway.

Meet little Margo. This precious kitten loves food so much that she ends up getting very protective and defensive about it. She doesn’t growl for no reason, you know!

One day when she got hungry, she cried out for something to eat. Her humans provided her with some delish grub, but soon they came to realize that their little feline is excessively protective when food is involved. And so the demanding hungry cries have developed into impatient greedy growls! But she seems to get away with it all right.

We think Margo should take a leaf out of her big sister’s book. Chill out, and be polite. But she doesn’t let anyone, human or feline, get near that food dish – not even the lovely people who are giving it all to her in the first place. What a tough little cookie.

It Is Hard to Feed a Kitten This Protective of Her Food. She Isn\'t Letting Anyone Near It!