Kitten Finds Newborn Fawn On His Porch. What He Does Next Had Me Non-Stop Laughing.

There are times when we get too curious for our own good. If something is laying on our porch unmoving, it’s a good idea to call authorities, either animal or human, and have them investigate what’s going on. Who knows how the reaction might go if you disturb them? Then you might be the one in need of assistance, not the animal or person. The kitten that’s in this video obviously hasn’t learned that lesson.

We see a fawn laying on the front porch. She’s a relative newborn and has adopted a pose so as to make the people around her think that she’s dead. Well, aside from the whole active breathing thing, she sure could have fooled me at first sight. There’s a kitten named Miro who is acting like a kid trying to get one of those Buckingham Palace guards to move. He’s batting the poor fawn’s ears, face… but the fawn’s not moving.

Miro doesn’t get that the fawn is playing possum to try to let the people leave so that her mommy can find her again and bring her with her. This kitty is making matters worse for the deer by putting his scent on her. Who knows if her mommy will accept her after this? First there was the matter of her not walking properly, and now this. Nature can be quite cruel sometimes, but that’s how life is.

There is a follow-up video where the man who found this newborn deer picks her up and after the fawn unsteadily runs to hide in a corner, takes her outside his yard and puts her in the forest where she then scampers off, no doubt glad that Miro did not follow and start bonking her on the head again. That would necessitate some deer form of aspirin. Hopefully, the fawn found her mommy and all was well.

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