“Find Out What Happens When These Kittens Experience Things for the First Time!”

Babies can be curious about the world around them and this also goes for kittens. This short video shows how kittens react when they encounter some things for the first time. Some of the encounters are priceless to watch.

These little kittens seem to understand all too well that their owner is their friend and caretaker. They also seem to understand that bath time is something they don’t particularly like! These seem to be easy to understand for the little guy.

But what about the mirror? Also what happens when a kitten encounters a baby duck? Then there is the tiny flash of light on the wall along with the iPad. Needless to say, the kittens didn’t know what to make of all it!

The world can be a big place to encounter and understand. So, watch these little kittens navigate through their first encounters with various things in the world around them, then let us know what you thought of the video by leaving your comments below. https://youtu.be/c1c0a4fo1zo Share this with your friends on Facebook, make their day, and give them a smile or two.