Kitten gets caught on cam sneaking into crib to cuddle

Kelly got a notification on the baby cam in the middle of the night and saw Luna, their kitten, sneaking into baby Kallie’s crib to cuddle. Luna is not supposed to be in there without Kelly around.

Kallie and Luna were looking at the camera, and their expressions showed that they did not want to be separated. Luna was rubbing her head against her sister.

Kelly walked into the room and told Luna to get out of the crib. Their bond started a few months ago after Kallie was born. Kelly went to a shelter and found Luna.

Luna was so sweet and loved to snuggle. She jumped on Kallie’s car seat and climbed onto Kelly’s shoulder. Kelly knew Luna was the cat that belonged with them.

She did not foresee that Luna would become Kallie’s cat. Kallie lights up whenever Kelly talks about Luna or whenever Luna is around. Luna and Kallie have become near inseparable.

Kallie has a tendency to pull on Luna’s hair, but the feline never flinches. When Luna is with Kallie, she is the most gentle and loving cat. Kelly cannot explain the way they interact with each other.

Luna does also like sleeping with the older and bigger kids, but at the end of the day, she always goes back to Kallie. Kelly saw that a cat honestly does pick their human.

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Kitten gets caught on cam sneaking into crib to cuddle