Kitten gets excited over seeing a fawn for the first time

Excitable kitten curiously prods a baby deer at the front door

A wide-eyed baby deer lays on the ground in front of the door of a house. Outcomes two men, and a curious kitten named Miro, who all look upon the fawn.

The four hoofed animal remains still, eyes still wide but barely moving even like the kitten approaches. It is a natural defense mechanism for fawns to play dead until their mother returns.

Its mother is probably foraging for food, while it waits patiently. Miro then begins to poke and prod the deer playfully, hoping for some kind of reaction. The fawn keeps its composure.

Excitable kitten curiously prods a baby deer at the front door

The kitten continues to not so gently touch and sniff the baby deer at various locations on its body, from the nose to the hind legs. Still, it does not move.

We can only imagine what Miro thinks the deer is, some sort of weird cat or dog perhaps. They share similar sharp and pointy ears. Miro takes a few steps back.

Laying on the ground across from the baby deer, Miro mimics his stillness. But clearly, he can’t stay still for long. Eagerly he looks back, hoping his new friend would have moved.

After more poking and prodding, Miro finally takes a break, not leaving entirely, but resting across the fawn. He continues to watch it closely and intently.

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