“This Precious Kitten Meets A Darling Hedgehog. What Happens NEXT? Too Cute!”

This little kitten is name Loki and apparently Loki is visiting some friends. She not only has to learn to adjust to her new surrounding, but to an unusual household pet: a darling hedgehog named “Harley”.

So, what happens when Loki meets Harley for the first time? Since it’s all too obvious that Loki has never seen a hedgehog before the first encounter doesn’t go too well!

But over time though the two do become best friends! The song playing here is quite appropriate for this unlikely yet cute friendship, You Got a Friend in Me from the first Toy Story movie. That is apparently what Loki and Harley have found in each other: a friend.

So, watch Loki and Harley’s first meeting along with their bonding then let us know what you thought by commenting below. https://youtu.be/D36JUfE1oYk Share this sweet video with your friends and family on Facebook today and give them an “Awwww” and a smile! 🙂