Kitten Meets Dad And Her Reaction Is Not What You’d Expect

The Teddy Kittens have given us another adorable must-see video. This time around the British Shorthair family has shared a clip of their tiny white kitten Coco meeting her dad, William. Now that’s an unforgettable, super cute reaction.

With a mother cat so cute and dad so big and strong, this British Shorthair can only be destined to grow up healthy and well. Little Coco meeting her father is such a classic moment.

At first, Coco the kitten seems afraid, after all – daddy cat William is a massive, foreboding figure. The little one had no need to worry because this big kitty is her protector and father.

Once William makes his presence known as has given Coco a good sniff, the bonding can begin. This is a happy cat family that’ll just be getting happier.