This Kitten Was Nearly Eaten Alive By Worms. But What Happens Next Is BEAUTIFUL Beyond Words!

This little kitten was found on the side of the road when she was just around four weeks old. The staff in Istanbul Vet was shocked when they saw her condition. The poor kitty was nearly eaten alive by worms. It was shocking and so sad to see one of her ears, her lips, and more than half of her tongue were eaten off already by worms. I can’t imagine the pain the poor thing must have been in.

Due to her appearance, she even got the nickname Joker. But eventually they named her Gülümser, which in Turkish means “she who always smiles.” Gülümser was a fighter, so she overcame all the obstacles in her way and survived. This transformation will change your definition of beauty. This little survivor is what beauty is all about!

The streets of Istanbul have many street cats running around, and some of the cats are cared for by families in the neighborhood, although they do not receive medical care. They are still strays. But not all of the street cats in Istanbul are fortunate enough to have someone feed them regularly and watch out for them. That’s the case with this little kitten.

But once she was discovered and rescued, and her medical needs were taken care of, she found a loving home where she could play and be a kitten. Her appearance improved greatly, but the loss of her lips could not be fixed. But her new family doesn’t care and it doesn’t impair her ability to eat. She is thriving now in a loving home and still has her fighting spirit.

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