Kitten Plays With Blue Ball, Among Other Things. My Jaw Dropped When She Climbed THIS.

There are a lot of cute animal videos out there. I think that if we were able to count out how many of them there are, we could probably watch them until the end of time and still have some that we missed. That said, there are levels of cuteness – some make us smile for a few seconds, others will grab our attention for the duration of the video and then there are those that make us want to reach into the screen and grab them for ourselves. Like this one here.

We see possibly the cutest kitten on Earth, and any other Earth-like planets that harbor life. She’s THAT cute. Her name is Paris and she looks like she might have some Ocelot blood in her. This is one active kitten and she commands the screen wherever she is – there are other cats around the area and I don’t even pay attention to any of the other ones. It’s all Paris for me and I’m sure it’s the same way for you.

Paris is such a rambunctious kitty. She plays with a blue ball that is the same size as her, a fellow kitten, and her mommy – whose food she tries to sneak… and that’s not happening. She’ll also climb on anything, including a toy house, where we see her standing on a roof, unaware of something called “gravity.” There’s nothing that can’t get her interest for at least a few seconds.

The video ends perfectly with Paris sitting under a chair, her eyes getting heavier and heavier as she fights sleep. Poor girl. It’s been a busy day for her! Now she’s going to succumb to the lure of Mr. Sandman… probably for about 5 minutes. Those kittens recharge themselves really fast! Then she’ll be off and running again to make even more mischief. I don’t think any of us will mind when she does that…

Wasn’t Paris so cute? Have you seen anything cuter than this? If so, please tell us all about it in in the comments section.

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