Kitten Rescued From Abandoned In French Polynesia House Now Sails Around The Globe

When you think about sailing, you probably don’t immediately think of kittens. Neither did Liz Clark, who’s been sailing around the world on her 40 foot boat, The Swell, since 2006. She had no plans of settling down, spent plenty of time on boat maintenance, and loved to surf.

Of course, life has a funny way of making its own plans for us. Things we never would have thought possible or desirable suddenly become part of us. That’s what happened to Liz when she stopped in the French Polynesia and found a 6 month old kitten in an abandoned house.

Clark fed the kitten and brought her onboard the Swell. It was only going to be temporary, until she could find a good home for the kitten. Only, a good home never materialized, and Clark realized that she was the person she was looking for.

Clark named the kitten Amelia after the courageous pilot Amelia Earhart. It took Amelia a little while to get used to being on the boat, especially after she fell in the water. Clark took her ashore to give her a little taste of land again and let her stretch her legs. When Amelia happily followed her back onto the boat after shore leave, Clark knew it was settled. They were a team.

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