“Kitten Attack! This Sneaky Kitty Is Practicing Her Skills On Mom! How Mom Reacts?? PRICELESS!”

The beautiful gray kitty featured here is named Cabbage. In this video she is in a room minding her business when one of her two kittens sneaks up behind her to scare her! How Cabbage reacts to the kittens antics is quite sweet.

When the little kitten either Rosie or Sprout scared their mother it was obvious it was done in good plain fun. At first Cabbage was a bit upset, she jumps onto the kitten and the two start to roll around. The other kitten seems to think this looks like a whole lot of fun and wants to join in. But then decides that maybe they will go have fun elsewhere instead.

In the end though when Cabbage has her little baby pinned to the floor she starts to lick him. It was as if to say you shouldn’t go around scaring your mother, but it’s all right I still love you anyway!

So, watch this adorable little video of a mother cat and her two mischievous kittens then let us know what you thought by leaving your comments below. https://youtu.be/A4cpg2KDKxs