Kitten Sees Mommy On Floor. I Wouldn’t Have Resisted What Happened Next, Either.

There are fewer things in the universe cuter than a kitten that wants attention. Black holes do not have the gravitational force that a kitten that is demanding that you drop EVERYTHING and look at him/her NOW. Suddenly you are pulled to the kitten, almost not of your own free will. I mean, watch this video here of a kitten in Japan. I dare you to try to take your eyes off the screen. I bet you can’t

We see a kitten on the floor. He walks over to his mommy, who is also sitting on the floor. He wants attention and he wants it NOW. He meows and she pets him for a bit. He then puts his tiny paws on her leg and proceeds to climb onto her lap. MORE PETTING. MORE! Mommy gladly obliges. C’mon. If you were in her shoes, you’d do the same thing. Yes. You. Would.

The video is just her petting this adorable kitten and I must say, there’s just something totally relaxing about it. Seeing this kitty be pet on the head made me feel calm too. Maybe doctors should show this video to all patients before any kind of surgery. I’m pretty sure that if I were at the dentist, watching this would make me not feel anything even if they were doing root canal surgery sans anesthesia. OK, I wouldn’t go THAT far.

They say that petting a cat can help with blood pressure. Petting THIS kitten, though, would be have me relaxed to the point of being comatose. I’d be like, “Aww… cute kitty. I’ll pet you… ZZZZZZ.” It’d be that comforting. Maybe science should clone him and have the clones distributed to hospitals and nursing homes around the world as therapy animals. Oh wait, the “Star Wars” prequels showed how cloning could go wrong. Never mind.

Have you seen a cuter kitten than this? If you have, please don’t post the link, you might rip the fabric of space/time continuum. OK, actually… Post it. We’ll take that chance. Head on over to the comments section and post or comment away.

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