This Kitten Is Slow To Walk Up The Stairs, So His Dog Friend Does The Only Rational Thing

The internet is filled with many different kinds of videos. One of the most popular amongst them are the ones that feature inter-species relationship. Cats and dogs are often stereotyped to be one another’s enemies. But like this video shows, these two creatures can also be the best of friends. You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see this!

The German shepherd in the clip is named Tennyson, while his tiny little kitty friend is named Moo. As you can see, Tennyson is a giant compared to little Moo. Small kids need help from someone older as they grow up. The dog knows that. So when Moo is a little slow while climbing the stairs, he helpfully steps in for some much-needed support.

Moo is an adorable black and white kitten with interesting markings and doesn’t look more than ten weeks old. He is new to the household but already has a place in Tennyson’s heart. Moo, get it, because he’s black and white like a cow, is small, so he’s pretty slow to go up the stairs, but he’s doing okay. Not according to Tennyson though.

Tennyson clearly doesn’t want Moo to stress himself out. At one point he tries to pick Moo up, and we hear mom say, “No, let him do it himself.” So Tennyson does, for a few more steps, and then he just can’t help himself. He picks up the kitten by the head, carries him upstairs, and flops down next to his new little buddy. It’s precious.

Watch this cute video below! Isn’t that adorable? Feel free to share what you thought about it in the comments!