This Kitten Is Too Small. When He Fights Back And Refuses To Give Up To A Bully Dog? AMAZING!

Bullying is condemned all over the world. But I have a different take on this issue. I think bullying is natural to some extent. Even science approves of it. Lamark gave his famous theory of survival of the fittest. Since the resources on the earth are scarce the species are bound to fight each other for their survival.

In this video you will see an unlikely story. A tiny cat is apparently not a bit afraid of a huge dog. The dog tries to bully him. He barks at the tiny creature and tries to test his temper. But the cat stands up bravely throughout this happening. If you look at the video you will see that it is the dog who looks afraid not the cat.

Watch this amazing video and get rid of the stereotype that cats are naturally inferior to dogs. Let us know what you think in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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