Kitten Thoroughly Enjoys Playing With Empty Tissue Box. Wait… Is It Truly An Empty Box?

Animals find the funniest things to amuse themselves. You can plunk down a lot of hard-earned money on various toys for them, but they’ll be happy playing with a pen of yours instead. They are weird… go figure. But it can be such a simple thing that captures their attention… which can free up some work time for you. Take this box of tissues that captivates a kitten… and a surprise that’s in the box.

We see a kitten on top of a tissue box. He’s having a grand old time, though it seems like he’s pawing at something in the box. What’s in there? Did mommy or daddy leave a tissue in there for him to try to shred and play with? Does he have an itchy nose? What is it? Then we suddenly realize that there’s another kitten in the box and he wants to get out. There’s plenty of breathing room, so there’s no danger of suffocation.

The kitten on the bottom has probably been trying to tell his brother that he’s stuck in the box and can’t get out… SO STOP PAWING AT ME! When he finally does get out of the box, with a concerned mommy briefly looking on, he even biffs him on the head as if to say, “You should have been off the box earlier!” Oh well, all’s well that ends well, though thinking of being in that box made me a bit claustrophobic…

Honestly, there was just one disappointing thing about the video – I was hoping the mommy or daddy of the kittens had rigged the box like a clown car – we would have seen kitten after kitten after kitten emerging. This is adorable as it is, but having that little bit extra would have made it even more awesome. OH well, I guess we can’t have everything, right? That extra time drilling holes in the ground…

Weren’t these kittens adorable? It made me want to have them, but I think my two adult cats would have something to say about that. What did you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below! Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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