When This Little Kitten Got Stuck Up In Tree, Look What Mother Kitty Did… AMAZING!

Further proof that kittens are just like children. Kittens can sometimes get themselves into tough spots they have a hard time getting out of because they just not mature enough to understand just yet how to do so!  That is certainly the case with this kitten who got stuck up in a tree after climbing up there…

It seems like a simple case of if you climbed up there you can climb down. But it’s not always that simple.  They can get stuck as in the case with this kitten. Fortunately the mother kitty was close by to lend a hand! Yeah for mom!!

The momma kitty climbs up the tree to retrieve her kitten. However, when she tries to grab him by the neck to carry him down the kitten clings to the tree — so she is unable to get a grip!  Then momma decides to guide the kitten down instead, but the kitten goes up higher still afraid to come down!!

Finally, momma  goes down the tree and starts to again encourage the kitten from below to come down on his own. So, does she succeed? Watch the video to find out then give your comments below!

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