Kitten Tries To Annoy World’s Most Patient Husky. Doggie’s Deadpan Expression? PRICELESS.

Young animals can be so cute… but they also have no boundaries. That’s not their fault – they are learning as they go. Then again some adult animals also have no qualms about encroaching on your personal space – I’m looking at my two cats as I type this. But this is one of the most egregious… and adorable… violations of personal space that I’ve ever seen. Feel free to watch this video several times. I did.

We see, in admittedly short video, a kitten using a husky’s ear as a cat toy. No, it’s not a plushie husky either… it’s a living, breathing and VERY patient huskie. He’s just on the floor with a nonchalant expression. That’s on the surface, though. His thoughts must be moving a lot faster and probably involve how to quickly swallow a cat whole. Oh, I kid, I kid… he’s probably plotting how to ship him to another country.

The kitten is determinedly playing with the Husky’s ear, while the dog just presents a stoic face. “If I ignore him, he’ll stop. If I ignore him, he’ll stop…” I wonder how long after the video ended that he decided to put the kitten in his place. I have to say that this is a very tolerant pooch. If a kitten were doing that to my ear, I’d be quickly turning and glar… OK, who am I kidding? I’d just be letting him do it too, as long as he didn’t draw any blood.

I have to say that whoever came up with the YouTube title “Get a kitten they said, it will be fun they said.” deserves all the kudos that they get. It’s one of those that I wish that I had come up with. Oh well. It just seems to suit this dog’s reaction so perfectly. “I liked just lying here resting. Now I have this little fellow trying to bite my ear. I hope he grows up fast…” Though as they both get older, he might miss those early years. Nah. He’ll be happy to sleep.

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