This Kitten Only Has Two Legs, But That Doesn’t Stop Him From Enjoying Playtime

One of the things that inspires and motivates us as humans is animals that don’t let anything get in the way of their goals. This kitten lives life with gusto and is fearless even though he only has two legs. These types of videos really inspire and strengthen me if I’m going through a rough time. If this kitten can do all of this with only two legs, then surely I can accomplish more with my two legs.

Mercury is a special needs kitten because he only has two legs, but this doesn’t bother him in the least. He’s just as excited about playtime as any other cat, and he’s just as good at it. You will see how clever he is in this video. He’s adapted to having only two legs and doesn’t even know he’s different. He rests his weight on the upper part of his legs so they act kind of like heels. He is amazing to watch.

This clip shows him playing with his favorite toys, and there are definitely some clear favorites. He is quick to run to Mom, clearly in love with his owner. Rubbing against her palm is one of his favorite things to do. What a lucky Mommy she is.

You will be inspired by this amazing kitten and the normal life he leads, receiving so much love and affection. It just makes me happy to watch it.

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