“When This 5 Week Old Kitten Goes Against 2 “Giant” Dalmatians, CUTENESS IS THE WINNER!”

In this sweet video, an adorable foster kitten (only five weeks old) named Uno plays (more like fights) with his two new brothers, Dalmatians Louie and Lady.

These big dogs simply tower over Uno, as they watch him with close attention to see what he’s up to. Every time Louie or Lady approach to sniff Uno, Uno smacks them in the nose.

Louie and Lady don’t seem to mind Uno’s whacks and keep playing with him, backing off and then putting their nose right in his face. Their tails are wagging back and forth the whole time, so you know the two dogs love to play with Uno.

After seeing this, you know Uno is going to grow up to be one fearless cat! But he will probably still be just as cute!

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