Kitten Walks On Daddy’s Chest While He Rests. What She Does Next Is SO CUTE.

Kittens and cats spending quality time with their mommies and daddies always makes for great video. I’m sure that if I uploaded video of my cat sitting in my lap, I’d have… dozens of views. Al by me. OK, it’s easier said than done. There’s a bit of alchemy and also lightning being caught in a bottle here. The people who filmed this video of a kitten and her daddy certainly lucked into a great shot. Not that we’re complaining.

We see a tiny kitten on her daddy’s chest. She adores him and is spending as much time as she possibly can with him. He’s having a blast with her company too. It’s a nice bonding session between the two of them, which is important since she’s already figured out that her daddy is a source of comfort and love. They pick up on that stuff really quickly and this will help them both in the long run.

The kitten is clearly smitten with her daddy’s facial hair. She keeps rubbing up against it – it’s a good thing he’s not allergic, because I would probably be sneezing loudly at one point or another with this. It’s funny, because I’m not allergic to domestic shorthaired cats, which are the breeds of my two cats, but longhaired cats are my kryptonite. Anyway… we’ll carry on here about the cuteness of the scene.

It’s clear that the two of them want to spend as much time together as possible. Well, can you blame them? Having a little kitten rub up against your face has to be VERY relaxing. I would probably fall asleep if I had that happen to me. Not so much if it were my two cats now. “Uh. Guys… I can’t breathe. STOP!” That’s going to probably be the case with this kitty too. So best they enjoy it while it lasts.

I couldn’t stop watching this video. How about you? Weren’t you smitten? Do you have a kitten that does something like this? Tell us all about it!

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