These Kittens Were Abandoned Right After Their Birth. Watch Who Takes Care Of Them! Precious!

The video below features a story about five baby kittens who were abandoned by their own mother after their birth. When they showed up at Bideawee they were just 2 days old and were in need of care and nourishment. Fortunately, the expert staff at Bideawee, the leading pet welfare organization serving metropolitan New York and Long Island, couldn’t ignore the call for help and came to save these kittens’ lives.

Melissa, the Volunteer Manager in Manhattan, decided to step in and take over the tough job of feeding and cleaning all five — every two hours, around the clock – until they are strong enough and healthy enough to go to their forever homes. These funny siblings were named after Girl Scout cookies: Do Si Do, Tag Along, Thin Mint, RaRa Rasin and Samoa.

Thankfully, Melissa is not the only hero here at Bideawee. There are a lot of people like her trying to help abandoned kittens or puppies or whatever animals that are in need of our care and help to find loving families for them.

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