THIS Is Why Kittens Should NEVER Be In The Same Room As Pit Bulls! UNBELIEVABLE!

Pit bulls are often stereotyped as the most brutal and dangerous breeds of dogs, but this is a result of a bad owner, not a bad dog. Just watch the pit bull in this clip. He’s so gentle, he’s afraid of a little kitty. As it turns out, this kitten is even more vicious than a giant pit bull could ever be. I’m exaggerating, but this clip is pretty cute because the roles are definitely reversed.

I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw what his little kitty did when he met his bigger friend! This little kitten named Haven is fearless and curious. He’s so curious that he practically sticks his head inside the dog’s mouth for a look around. But never fear. The dog is lying flat on his back and lets the kitty know he’s welcome.

Doesn’t this friendship between these animals just melt your heart? The kitten is curious and courageous as he goes up to the pit bull, named Apollo, and starts whacking him on the head. At one moment, he even tried to bite the dog! Feisty kitten, huh? But through it all, the pit bull lies on his back and takes whatever this little kitty dishes out.

This is a perfect example of what a pit bull can be when he or she is loved and treated well by their owner, and trained properly.  I loved watching these two play and I especially loved that Apollo is so big and strong, but so gentle with his new playmate. How sweet.

Watch this adorable video below! How do your dogs and cats react to each other? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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