Kittens Realize How Perfect Winter Is. When They Attempt To Catch Snowflakes- So PRECIOUS!

With the changing of the seasons, many animals and people alike tend to notice. Some even celebrate each part of the years change with joyous activities and sporadic events of celebration. I know that for Arizona, most of the snowbirds come down in the winter and leave before it starts getting amazingly hot for the summer. The desert is a weird and sometimes unforgiving environment, full of mystery and elusive beauty that some never find a fondness for.

However, when it comes to the changes that animals notice, all you need do is look up. For most, it’ll be the snow or hail. Something is falling from the sky, so it may be important to take notice of it. Yet, when you see this hilariously cute compilation of fond and treasured memories parents have of their cats experiencing snow for the first time, I know you will be over the moon in your response. It can be fun to chase snowflakes or make snow angels, but most of these cats seem to have one thing in mind- catching whatever part of the sky is falling and seeing what it tastes like.

I know that for most, this precious series of moments will leave them searching for more all night. Yet, the best reaction we could ever hope to witness is the look of curiosity and joy on a precious animals face. I know I sure enjoyed the heck out of it!

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