What These Kittens Started Doing When The Music Started Had Me Dazed. This Is Awesome! Aww!

Cats are lazy. Don’t even argue with me about this. It is a fact. And if anyone told me they saw a cat dancing along to some music, I wouldn’t believe them until I saw it. But this video proved me wrong. The cats in this clip are anything but lazy, and they are talented as well!

Would you like to see a cat dance? Actually not one cat, but many. These kittens dubbed “Ninja Kittens” have many things to learn such as martial arts, how to run, climb, stalk, attack, and more importantly, how to fly off to Mars. So in between all these hectic lessons, they cool off by doing this bizarre dance routine. This is so adorable!

There are five kittens in the video and after seeing them dance, I wonder if they could also do synchronized swimming! This is about as cute as it gets. The owner must be swinging something back and forth, up and down, but we don’t see that. All we can see are five adorable kittens looking in sync back and forth, up and down.

But as with any group, there’s always that one, right? That one that doesn’t want to follow the rules? The one who refuses to be like everyone else? Well, in this case, it’s the white one. The only white kitten! Not only does he look different, he has to stand out from the crowd in other ways too.

Watch these little kitties perform their synchronized dance. Does this make you smile? Please let us know what you think of these cuties in the comments.

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