“Aww, When This Little Kitten See’s Toy Mouse, See What He Does Next, Adorable!”

It’s a natural instinct for kitties to want to hunt down mice. Kitties can help keep these types of rodents from invading their homes. Here we see a little kitten apparently has a great future ahead of them as a mouse catcher if this footage is any indicator.

This little kitty seems to be having a great time with this wind up mouse. He is running around, catching the mouse then letting it go again. Only to go back to catching the mouse again. Yes, its obvious that the kitten is playing at the moment, he seems to enjoy the toy then runs off, then comes back to play with it some more with the wind up mouse. The kitten seems to know that this is just a toy but he is already showing some good hunting skills. https://youtu.be/TpOQLmUBvHw The older this little kitten gets it’s all too obvious the better a mouse hunter he will become. So, watch this little kitten in action showing their mouse hunting skills then let us know what you thought of this cute little video by commenting below.